Submitted by:

Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple  (GMMC)

Tribhuvan University


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Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) Division

University Grants Commission

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur


June 8, 2020


  1. Background

Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus (GMMC) is a public established through the collective efforts of academic personalities, political activists, religious people and enthusiastic social campaigners, who are dedicated to develop the community as the center of academic excellence. The campus runs under the patronship of Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. This campus is a non-profit community-based public campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It aims to deliver recent, updated and scientific education based on social needs, national interests, international norms and latest practices in academic world irrespective of any religion, caste, creed, nationality and soon. The campus is committed to impart quality education to the needy, poor and marginalized students to ensure better future for them. In order to materialize this dream, the campus has fairly low tuition fee along with a number of scholarship options for the deserving students.

The campus also offers five programs, viz., Master of Business Studies (MBS), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), and Bachelor of Education (BEd). The campus is committed to high quality teaching and research, promoting an intellectually stimulating multidisciplinary environment for its students. In this regard, the  is in the process of receiving Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) in order to ensure that it fulfills a set of criteria, not only at institutional level but also in its academic programs to offer better results to the society.

The campus had submitted Self Study Report (SSR) on 8th Aswin 2076 and the peer review team (PRT) from UGC conducted pre-visit assessment of the campus on 28-30th Mangsir 2076. The team visited the  and meetings and deliberations were made with various stakeholders including university authority, officials, IQAC, SAT, faculties, students, and members of research committee, alumni, and non-teaching staffs. Based on the observation, assessment, and interaction made during the pre-visit as well as the study of the available documentation of the campus, the pre-visit team has generated a pre-visit assessment report with recommendations to be fulfilled before the final PRT visit for QAA assessment. This report provides information on how the recommendations have been accommodated by the campus in order to meet the quality standards specified by the QAA guidelines.

  1. Purpose of the Report

  The primary purpose of this pre-visit response report is to provide information on responses or actions undertaken by GMMC for meeting the recommendations offered by the PRT team’s pre-visit assessment report.  The specific objectives are:

  1. To offer details of activities performed for improvement of the quality of the campus in all the eight quality criteria required for obtaining QAA.
  2. To provide information on additional plans, policies, regulations, and guidelines formulated as per the pre-visit response report’s recommendations.
  3. To highlight the improvements on infrastructure and other resources made after the date of pre-visit.


  1. Process of Report Preparation

The IQAC of the campus made discussion with all the stakeholders for collecting suggestions on the appropriate measures to be undertaken to meet the recommendations of the pre-visit response report. A guideline and detailed timeline for activities to be undertaken was prepared and tasks were allocated to Self-Assessment Team (SAT) and different active cells of the campus. Participation of all the faculties, staffs, and students was ensured in all the actions taken for quality assurance and accreditation. The IQAC continuously supervised and monitored the progress of the work. After the completion of the tasks, the SAT team was provided responsibility to prepare the Pre-visit Response Report.

  1. Responses/Actions Taken

  The Table I offers details of actions or activities done to meet the recommendations provided by the pre-visit assessment report. It also provides information on documents collected to provide material evidence of the actions undertaken.

Table I: Actions Undertaken to Meet Recommendations of Pre-visit Assessment

S.N. Recommendations Actions/Activities Done Document  in Annex
Criteria 1: Policy and Procedures
1. Comprehensive strategic plan should be revised
  •  Comprehensive 5-year strategic plan for 2021 to 2025 has been developed. The plan includes action indicators with key performance outcomes.
  • The strategic plan has been approved from the meeting of  management committee dated Chaitra 8, 2076)
§ The five year strategic plan (Annex RR 1)

§ CMC minutes of the strategic plan, HR Plan and Infrastructural Master plan approval (Annex RR 2)

2. Strategies to increase pass rate, decreasing irregularities and reducing dropout rate
  •  The strategic plan incorporates strategies for achieving educational excellence with focus on increasing pass rate, maintaining regularity of students and ensuring academic continuity of the  students.
  •  Student counselling cell has been formed and made functional. The counseling cell offers counsel to students with weak academic performance, higher absenteeism, and lack of career focus.

§  The student counseling cell  (dated – Chaitra 2) as approved new academic plan for addressing issues of low pass rate, student absenteeism, and drop out problem.

§  In order to promote academic quality in the , IQAC guideline has been prepared and implemented

§  Academic plan component of the strategic plan ((Annex RR1 pp.18)

§  Guidelines of student counselling cell (Annex RR 10)

§  CMC minutes of approval of guidilines and cell committee.

(Annex RR 3)

§  Counseling Cell minute (Annex RR 52)

§  IQAC guidelines, and procedure (Annex RR 6)

3. Develop human resource plan for career development of teaching and non-teaching staff §  Human resource plan has been formulated as per the goals of the five year strategic plan of the campus.

§  The HRM plan has been approved from CMC meeting dated Chaitra 8, 2076)

§  Human resource plan (Annex RR 5)

§  CMC meeting minutes approving the HRM plan. (Annex RR 2)

4. Comprehensive guidelines/directives for the proper functioning of each cell should be developed to bring clarity in their roles and responsibilities. §  The  as per the goal of its Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has institutionalized various cells to enhance academic quality in the institution. The  has established Research Management Cell (RMC), EMIS cell, Employment and Placement cell, Outreach and Extension cell, Public Information cell, Student Counselling cell and Alumni cell.

§  The guidelines of the cells including the roles, duties and responsibilities has been formulated and approved from the CMC. The CMC meeting dated Falgun 5, 2076 has approved the documents.

§  The cell coordinator’s job description have been prepared and approved.

§  The cell coordinators have been appointed.

§  All the cells have been made functional to promote internal academic quality of the campus.

CMC minutes of establishment of the cells (Annex RR 3)

§  Guidelines of Research Management Cell (Annex RR 7)

§  Guidelines of EMIS Cell (Annex RR 9)

§  Guidelines of Employment and Placement Cell (Annex RR 8)

§  Guidelines of Extension and Outreach Cell (Annex RR 11)

§  Guidelines of Student Counselling Cell (Annex RR 10)

§  Guidelines of Public Information Cell (Annex RR 12)

§  Reports of  All Cells, (Annex RR 31, Annex RR 32, Annex RR 33, Annex RR 15, Annex RR 14, Annex RR 49, Annex RR 30)

5. Student Participation in IQAC §  Student representation in IQAC of the campus is ensured through the IQAC guideline.

§  Student feedback system has been developed in order to enhance internal quality of the campus.

§  IQAC guidelines (Annex RR 6, page 6)

§  Student feedback forms on  academic quality (Annex RR 42)

6. Regular internal academic audit should be conducted by IQAC and quality benchmarking criteria should be developed §  Internal quality audit procedure of the campus has been formulated. The procedure has been approved from CMC meeting dated Falgun 5, 2076

§  Internal quality policy of the  campus has been prepared and approved from CMC meeting dated Falgun 5, 2076

§  Form for academic audit has been prepared. The form has quality benchmark indicators on six dimensions (viz., curricular aspects, teaching learning and evaluation, research and consultancy, infrastructure and learning resources, student support and progression and governance and leadership)

§  The IQAC guidelines includes provision for annual academic audit of the campus.

§  System of appraisal of internal quality on regular basis is initiated by collecting feedback from stakeholders.

§  Faculty feedback and peer review form has been developed.

§  Faculty satisfaction form has been prepared.

§  Internal quality audit procedure (Annex RR 6 )

§  Internal quality policy (Annex RR 29)

§  CMC minutes of approval of the procedure and policy (Annex RR 3)

§  Internal audit form (Annex RR 28)

§  Faculty evaluation form (Annex RR 39 )

§  Faculty job satisfaction form (Annex RR 40)

§  Faculty peer review form (Annex RR 41)


Criteria 2: Curricular Aspects
7. Conduct periodic internal  reviews on the curriculum for feedback §  Established system of periodic feedback from students, alumni, and employers on relevance and other curricular aspects.

§  IQAC of the campus conducts reviews on curriculum on regular basis.

§  Alumni feedback form (Annex RR 43)

§  Course feedback form (Annex RR 34)

§  Employer feedback form (Annex RR 38)

§  Minutes of IQAC (Annex RR 51)

8. Introduce some job-focused and soft-skill oriented courses §  The campus has initiated and started non-credit short term courses to impart employability, personal development and skill oriented courses.

§  In the initial phase, syllabus for short term courses for basic computer skills, leadership and event management have been developed and will be implemented from coming semester.

§  The courses have been approved from IQAC meeting dated Chaitra 9, 2076)

§  Syllabus of basic computer skills course (Annex RR 46)

§  Syllabus of leadership development course (Annex RR 48 )

§  Syllabus of event management course (Annex RR 47)

§  Minute of IQAC on approval of short term courses (Annex RR 51)

9. Organize regular workshop to orient faculties about curricular changes §  Faculty orientation workshop has been organized for  faculties on “Curricular Changes in MBS Program”in the  on dated Falgun 12, 2076)

§  Four faculties were sent for participation on workshop on “Dissertation Writing for MBS” organized by Faculty of Management

§  Workshop documents (Annex RR 59)

§  Letter of participation (Annex RR 50)

Criteria 3: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation System
10. Strengthen the self- appraisal system §  System of self performance appraisal of faculty and staff has been initiated and institutionalized.

§  Self-appraisal forms have been developed

§  Faculty self-appraisal form (Annex RR 37)

§  Non-teaching staff self-appraisal form (Annex RR 37)

11. Formalize the mechanism for addressing weaker and slow learners §  Remedial classes have been arranged targeting weaker and slow learners.

§  Student counselling cell is given responsibility for offering support and guidance for such students.

§  Remedial class schedule and attendance and log book by counseling cell (Annex RR 52)


12. ICT based teaching method most be extended §  Multimedia system has been installed in each classroom.

§  E-resources have been planned to be added in the campus library.

§  Internet bandwidth has been increased in the campus. Free wifi service has been provided.

§  Decision minute of CMC for procurement documents of multimedia projectors, e-resources and internet connection (Annex RR 55)
13. Plan to provide need based professional trainings for faculties and non-teaching staff. §  The  has included plan for faculty and staff capacity development in its five year strategic plan 2012-2025

§  Faculties have been sent to various trainings and workshops

§  Training program has been organized for skill development of non-teaching staff.

§  Strategic plan 2021 – 2025  (Annex RR 1)

§  Workshop related documents (Annex RR 59)

§  Documents related to staff training on ICT and Governance (Annex RR 59)

Criteria 4: Research, Consultancy and Extension
14. RMC should be formed and made functional §  Research management cell has been established in the campus to coordinate all the research activities. The cell has replaced the research and publication committee of the campus.

§  The guidelines of the cell has been prepared.

§  The job description of the cell coordinator has been prepared.

§  The guideline and job description has been approved by the CMC from meeting dated  5th Falgun 2076.

§  RMC guidelines with job description of co-ordinator (Annex RR 7)

§  CMC minutes of approval of the cell guidelines (Annex RR 3)

§  Appointment letter of RMC coordinator and members (Annex RR 13)

15. RMC budget §  The research budget of the campus has been increased to Rs 1,000,000.

§  The RMC budget has been allocated for journal publication, research workshop, student dissertation workshop and faculty research grant.

§  Annual Report – 2075/76, Page 55 (Annex RR 64)
16. Financial support should be provided to encourage research and case writing. §  Faculty grant budget of Rs. 300,000 has been allocated for faculty research grant and case development.

§  Faculty research grant guideline has been prepared by the RMC.

§  The format of FRG proposal has been prepared.

§  The evaluation scheme of the FRG has been developed.

§  The format for FRG report evaluation has been developed.

§  Four Day Data Management and Analysis in Research has been planned and budget has been allocated by UGC.

§  Annual Report – 2075/76, Page 55 (Annex RR 64)

§  Faculty Research Grants Guidelines (Annex RR 20)

§  FRG proposal format (Annex RR 22)

§  FRG proposal evaluation form (Annex RR 21)

§  FRG report format (Annex RR 24)

§  FRG report evaluation form (Annex RR 23)

§  Short Term Program Notice of UGC (Annex RR 62 )

17. Invite one professor level resource person to guide the academic and research activities. §  RMC guideline requires presence of one external expert in the cell.

§  CMC has appointed  Professor Vikash Kumar K.C, PhD for guidance in academic and research activities of the campus from CMC meeting dated Falgun 5, 2076)

§  RMC guidelines (Annex RR 7)

§  CMC minute for appointment of external expert (Annex RR 3)

§  Appointment letter (Annex RR 44)

18. Extension and outreach program should be further extended §  Extension and Outreach Cell has been established in the campus.

§  Guideline of the cell has been prepared.

§  The job description of the cell coordinator has been formulated.

§  The cell coordinator has been appointed.

§  Extension activities (Blood donation, Financial literacy program, Community sanitation program have been conducted in different dates.

§  Extension and outreach cell guidelines with job description of co-ordinator (Annex RR 11)

§  Appointment letter of the cell coordinator (Annex RR 13)

§  Extension and Outreach Cell Report (Annex RR 33)

19. Upgrade quality of research publication §  The campus publishes its journal “Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies” on regular basis.

§  The peer review guideline of the journal has been prepared.

§  The peer review form has been developed.

§  The research ethical standard has been developed.

§  Research ethics assessment form has been prepared.


§  Peer review guidelines (Annex RR 26)

§  Peer review form (Annex RR 25)

§  Research ethical standard (Annex RR 17)

§  Research ethics assessment form (Annex RR 27)

Criteria 5: Infrastructure and Learning Resources
20. Detailed master plan should be developed to meet current and future needs of infrastructure. §  The campus has prepared infrastructure master plan in accordance with its five year strategic plan.

§  The master plan has been approved by the CMC meeting dated Chaitra 8, 2076)

§  Infrastructure Master Plan of the  (Annex RR 4)

§  CMC minutes of approval (Annex RR 2)

21. Latest edition books, references and journals should be added along with addition in other library facility §  The library of the campus has been made more resourceful by addition of latest edition basic and reference books, journals, and e-resources.

§  The library has been completely computerized.

§  E-library resources have been planed  and budget also have been allocated

§  Library Report (Annex RR 63)


22. BHM lab and BIM Lab §  The campus has planned to add equipment and other resources in the BHM and BIM lab §  UGC Funding decision notice (Annex RR 61)
23 Greenery Maintenance §  The CMC has decided on constructing green garden within the premises dated Chaitra 8 and it has been built and implemented on the field too. §  CMC minutes on (Annex RR 56)

§  Agreement paper (Annex RR 65, Annex RR 66)

Criteria 6: Student Support and Guidance
24. Establish health unit with basic medical facilities §  The campus has established a health unit with basic medical facilities.

§  A volunteer nurse has been hired.

§  Appointment letter  of medical personnel (Annex RR 67)
25. Arrange for non-credit courses
  •  The campus has initiated and started non-credit short term courses to impart employability, personal development and skill oriented courses.
  • In the initial phase, syllabus for short term courses for basic computer skills, leadership and event management have been developed and will be implemented from coming semester.

§  The courses have been approved from IQAC meeting dated 9th Chaitra 2076.

§  Syllabus of basic computer skills course (Annex RR 46)

§  Syllabus of leadership development course (Annex RR 48)

§  Syllabus of event management course (Annex RR 47)

§  IQAC Minute (Annex RR 51)

26. Establish process for tracking of graduates and student placement §  The campus has conducted tracing study of its graduates for academic years 2016, 2017, and 2018 §  Tracer study report 2016, 2017 and 2018 (Annex B 1.10, Annex RR 45)
27. Establish linkages with external agencies §  The campus has established employment and placement cell whose responsibility includes collaboration and maintaining relationship with external organizations.

§  The campus has conducted MoUs with various organizations.

§  Guidelines of Employment and Placement Cell (Annex RR 8)

§  List of MoUs (Annex RR 58)

Criteria 7: Information System
28. Establish EMIS unit and strengthen it §  EMIS cell has been established in the campus .

§  EMIS guidelines have been prepared.

§  Job description of EMIS cell coordinator has been prepared and approved.

§  The  data has been entered into the EMIS system and has been linked with mobile application and it has been functional.

§  Guidelines of EMIS cell with job description of co-coordinator (Annex RR 9)

§  Screen shot of EMIS mobile application (Annex RR 60)

Criteria 8: Public Information
29. Activate the role of Alumni association §  Alumni association of the  named “Gupteshwor Ex-student Forum” has been established.

§  The regulations of the association have been developed and approved.

§  Alumni association has organized various programs.

§  Regulations of Gupteshwor Ex-student Forum (Annex B 1.5

§  Report of Almuni cell (Annex RR 14)


30. Make public information cell functional §  The campus has established a Public Information Cell.

§  The guidelines of the cell has been prepared and approved

§  The job description of the cell coordinator has been prepared and approved.

§  Guidelines of Public Information Cell with job description of coordinator (Annex RR 12)

§  Report of Public Information Cell

(Annex RR 15)



 GMMC has to its fullest capacity made sincere efforts in incorporating all the recommendations made in the Pre-visit Assessment report. It has made a collaborative effort of all the faculties, staffs and students in undertaking different actions required to fulfill the suggestions made. The process has helped significantly in upgrading the quality of the campus.  The campus is now ready for the final visit as it has to its best fulfilled the requirements of the QAA guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC), Nepal.




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SAT Coordinator                         IQAC Member Secretary                       GMMC

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