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GMMC Research Management Cell has been working towards developing a culture of quality research. The Research Management Cell (RMC) is a research centre under Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus (GMMC) which aims to develop a culture of quality research among faculties and students. It makes the plan for the effective research works, workshop, fieldworks or several other issues related to research that cultivates research culture for innovation.

RMC of GMMC conducts research activities to strengthen the potentiality of the faculties and students in teaching learning and research activities. Faculties and students are involved in different research activities such as paper writing, thesis, and term papers to widen the knowledge in the field of research. Further, the students link their research activities on studies through field visits with the aim to fulfill their partial requirement of their studies.

The faculties and students are encouraged in research oriented activities with the support of RMC. The campus also provides incentives to the faculties to conduct mini-research. The RMC of GMMC undertakes independent and innovative research from multidisciplinary and inclusive perspectives, administers research projects under RMC, signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with various national and international institutions and collaboration with them for research projects, and organizes specialized research seminars/workshops, Involves college graduates belonging to different disciplines in relevant research projects publishes research works. Further, it encourages faculties to conduct mini-research and assist students in their research work. Apart from these, it works for publishing research journal namely “Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies”.


The objective of creating this cell is to improve the quality, quantity, and visibility of the campus’s research output, and to provide a better research environment for the faculties and students. They are intended to enhance the standing of the campus as a pre-eminent research institution, benefit from the national and international funding agencies and collaboration, by building up significant bodies of expertise at the campus, increase the level of interaction between researchers, campus units and campus management, develop policies and procedures in line with the research ethos of the campus, and provide efficient and effective management of research.

Roles and responsibility:

Manage effectively and efficiently the research programs and administration affairs of the research cell of the campus.
Create an environment conducive to fostering research culture, intellectual and research growth.
Maintain the confidence and co-operation of the faculty and students engaged in research activities.
Lead, motivate a research scholars and faculty researcher at multiple levels in the campus.
Collaborate with regional and national organizations in research activities.

Mohan Bhandari


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