Extention and Outreach Cell (EOC)

The Extension and Outreach Cell is outreach centre that operates under Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus (GMMC) which aims to conduct various inside and outside programs to reach community. Extension and outreach program cell conduct activities both inside and outside the campus for the benefit of society for a better environment to live.

Faculty and students are encouraged to participate in collaboration with other organizations in carrying out social outreach programs. Information regarding these programs is disseminated through notices and Heads of Departments. Campus appreciates the services provided by students and faculty by considering their working for such activities as on duty. The campus is surrounded by Academic institutions, NGOs, GOs, media, and the rural area. The network with the community is developed through public information cell and outreach activities, faculty expertise, MOUs and the social activities.

There is a mechanism of keeping record of active students in extracurricular activities. The extracurricular program co-coordinator, departments promote the active participants in the social movement like court in community, blood donation, Save Water Campaign, Health Awareness, Women Empowerment, Tree Plantation, Anti-Corruption, Donating clothes Aid for old age person and so on.


Cell Members:


Coordinator:Mr. Durga Nath Paudel, Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of Mgmt.

Member:Mr. Taranath Bhandari, Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of Education.

Member:Mr. Mr. Jitendra Thapa, HOD/BHM.