Recent years have witnessed a cascading downturn in the world economy resulting in tremendous decline in business and employment, globally particularly in the developed world. Fortunately Nepal has remained largely unaffected by this recession, staying virtually at the same level as some of the most developed countries. This feet for survival from recession brings to the fore front the inherent strength in the Nepalese Economy that enabled it to face one of the worst economic crises of the recent times. In fact, while the developed world was mould by the meltdown of their economies, Nepalese economy only slowed down in maintaining its growth trajectory. This suggest that the Nepal’s Economy has a sound fundamental strength, which if leveraged properly can give it a lead over others.

Conference on different aspects of management will bring the management fraternity in one place and conclusion developed for the conference will make all the concerned stakeholders to rethink in a dynamic way. Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus, Faculty of management with collaboration with School of Business, Pokhara University will bring all the management profession and teachers in a place to drive a conclusion through paper discussion to make it implement in the practical field.