Key Focus (Goals)

Key Focus (Goals)



Our vision of being a  leading higher education institute with prominent focus on quality education/educational excellence, research and students ‘employability delineates following key areas as our key focus or major dimension of goals. The areas are :


· Enhancing  Academic  Quality  through  the  design  and delivery of managerial, technical and professional courses aimed towards increasing students’employablilty and skills.


· Inculcate  Research  Orientation  in  and  among  the constituencies  of  our  institution  and  focus  in  the development and delivery of research-oriented knowledge at our graduate and undergraduate level of studies that paves the larger societal benefits.


·  Focus on the capacity development of faculties, students and  staffs  through  the  development  and  integration  of result-oriented  curriculum,   contributory  state-of-the-art infrastructure and well trained and dedicated faculties and staffs.


· Work  for  better  community  outreach  by  identifying probable  long  term  community  alliances  and  revenue sources complementary to its financial needs and prioritizing its academic pursuance towards improving educational quality with difference in research and pedagogies addressing the community needs.