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About Us

Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus (GMMC) is a public Campus established through the collective efforts of academic personalities, political activists, religious people and enthusiastic social campaigners, who are dedicated to develop the community as the center of academic excellence. The campus runs under the patronship of Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. This Campus is solely a non-profit community-based public Campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University. From this academic session onwards, the college is operating in its self-owned property – a piece of six ropanis of land, consisting of three buildings, the location where  Block ‘A’ constructed through financial grants issued by Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave Management Committee and University Grants Commission Nepal, is solely assigned for running BHM program, while Block B and Block C constructed through financial grants awarded by the Government of India, are provisioned for running administrative and academic activities.

For the full-fledged development of the college as a genuine academic community the college is also dedicated to expand its collegiate sphere through augmentation of highly demanded disciplines in the market. The college’s intent mission to achieve QAA (Quality Assurance and Accreditation) certification is its unyielding faith to function the college on standard international level.

The college has to offer five different programs to the students at present which are hereafter mentioned:

  1. MBS (Master of Business Studies) – a four-semester based program
  2. BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) – an Eight-semester based program
  3. BIM (Bachelor of Information Management) – an eight-semester based program
  4. BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) – yearly based 4-year program
  5. Ed (Bachelor of Education) – yearly based 4-year program

The pious motive of establishing this campus is to impart quality education for the poor, disadvantaged, village-based people of Kaski, Syangja, Parbat and some other rural districts of Nepal at fairly low cost with high standards of education. In order to materialize this dream, the campus has fairly low tuition fee along with a number of scholarship options for the deserving students. Since, it is a non-profit making campus exclusively devoted to the overall development of the nation, there have been incredibly positive responses and interests towards this institution from students and guardians alike.

GMMC has aimed to deliver recent, updated and scientific education based on social needs, national interests, international norms and latest practices in academic world irrespective of any religion, caste, creed, nationality and soon. This campus is committed to impart quality education to the needy, poor and marginalized students to ensure better future for them. Two thirds of the total population are girls who are really serious about their studies and careers. Majority of the students are from the families of farmers and low-income groups.

Student Enrollment (Academic Year 2076)


GMMC possesses the belief of conveying recent and scientific education based on social needs, national interest, international norms and latest practices in academic world irrespective of religion, caste, creed, nationality, etc. thereby contributing to the development of human resources of self sustaining teaching learning world. To be very precise, our sole aim is to provide our students, at an affordable cost, with quality education and help them carve out best careers for themselves. To be very specific GMMC is dedicated to:

  • Provide qualitative education to needy, poor and marginalized students.
  • Create sound academic environment by highly experienced and qualified teachers who have already gained years of experience in teaching colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University.
  • Endow with job oriented, productive and skill oriented education.
  • Uplift the educational status of nation through disciplined and qualitative education.
  • Produce self-disciplined, laborious and proficient manpower.
  • Empower self-employment and create job opportunity to unemployed people.



GMMC shall be established as one of the best renowned educational institution providing multidisciplinary course at Pokhara valley & the first choice of students will be GMMC at Pokhara Valley.


GMMC is an institution established to provide qualitative undergraduate and graduate level education for community, at affordable and reasonable cost.  We are committed to develop educated community, society and nation through education by joint participation of social activist & academicians.

Our Alumni’s Voice

Shova Laxmi Limbu- B.Ed Second Year Topper-2072

Shova Laxmi Limbu- B.Ed Second Year Topper-2072

To be a student at GMMC is really amazing. I got transferred to this college and I’m doing much better here rendered possible by the existing well experienced faculties and pedagogics foster upon us. The approach of final year reminds me of the farewell moment, the heartrending departing moment and losing all dear friends and considerate teachers, which I absolutely detest even to hear.

Manisha Ranabhat BBS Topper-2070-74

Manisha Ranabhat BBS Topper-2070-74

It has been great pleasure studying in an excellent environment of GMMC with cooperative teachers amid plenty of instructional materials, ample opportunity for all kinds of students really make this college a unique place. I am enjoying a lot of things at this place.

Samana Poudel (067-70 batch Topper: B.Ed.)

Samana Poudel (067-70 batch Topper: B.Ed.)

Having my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education from GMMC has fascinated my career since the quality education and cooperative faculty members always come to my mind whenever I ponder about GMMC. The real bridge between the college and TU have always been maintained by the faculty members which become a hallmark for practical examinations and teaching practice programmes.

Bhagawati Subedi (067-70 batch Topper: BBS)

Bhagawati Subedi (067-70 batch Topper: BBS)

My decision to choose GMMC as the student of BBS has been a matter of pride to me. Dedicated, friendly and qualified lecturers where always encouraging to pursue my degree and their willingness to offer help has become a hallmark of GMMC. For this, I will always be thankful to GMMC family because of which I became able to shape my academic career.

Prativa Ojha (068-71 batch Topper: BBS)

Prativa Ojha (068-71 batch Topper: BBS)

I find physical infrastructures, dedicated teachers and administrative body are all suitably managed to boost students standard of learning that befits dynamic business world.

Shishir Baral (068/71 batch Topper: Education)

Shishir Baral (068/71 batch Topper: Education)

In matters of choice of graduate college, I was rather in a great dilemma. But after having joined this college, I realized I have made a sound selection that really taught me what true education is, and how it could be achieved.